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The ATIMS difference: power and flexibility, coupled with a keen focus on customer needs.

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Learn how ATIMS corrections and jail management software integrates with other law enforcement software and enterprise solutions.

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Flexible, open, and collaborative: that's how we work. Read some success stories.

Notice on COVID-19


ATIMS is working remotely to help with this new normal in America. We are still working to meet our deadlines, and we are available by email and phone.    

Every American is able to do something to help. If you’re not considered an "essential worker," you’re doing your part when you:

  • Stay home with your family and limit your outings & contact with others, which helps to stop the spread.

  • Spend time with your children, teaching & loving them in a safe environment.

  • Limit your purchases to Just what you need now, so that all can purchase some of the limited available products.

  • Use your phones and social media to check on others, with no physical contact.

  • Contact those at risk to provide support, whether it is just a kind word or to offer to obtain supplies, or to see that medications are delivered. 

  • Donate blood. 


As an "essential worker" who is unable to work remotely, ATIMS thanks you for putting others first and for placing yourself at risk:

  • Medical, pharmaceutical, and research experts trying to understand this pandemic and how best to understand it and save lives.

  • Doctors, nurses, and everyone in the healthcare profession. Thank you! We know you’re running on fumes, that you are scared, and that you are doing your best!

  • Military & National Guard, law enforcement, corrections officers, and fire personnel. While you are accustomed to putting others first in times of crisis, we know you too are tired and scared, and concerned that you may put your family at risk. We appreciate you and your unwavering commitment!

  • Cashiers, employees, and cleaning crews working long hours & encountering panicked people blaming you for product shortages such as cleaning and disinfectant products, and toilet paper.

  • Farmers, truckers, railroad workers, delivery services, transit  and port workers: The people who ensure that food, products, and people continue to move to and through our communities so that we have what we need to survive and thrive.

  • Government staff & journalists: The people who make difficult decisions that affect all Americans, and those who provide timely notifications to ensure everyone has the information they need to stay safe.


Contact Us

For information regarding ATIMS email or fill out the contact information form. 


Or call Merilee Hatfield, Director of Client Development at 818-425-5644

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