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Our Solutions

Law enforcement and corrections agencies use ATIMS software to achieve greater efficiency, improve communication, and to reduce costs while increasing safety. Our solutions work together, work with our partners and other vendors, or stand alone, depending on your requirements. You can choose local hosting or cloud solutions. Contact us for more information.

Prebook and
Probable Cause

PBPC enables arresting officers to enter information before booking from remote terminals and patrol cars, and to see whether an arrestee has a jail record with any important alerts. Information entered remotely is available for jail staff when arrestees are brought into custody.

Facility Management

You can look at all facilities, just one facility, a unit or group, all the way to individual beds. Perform headcounts, track inmates in real time and at internal and external locations. Run conflict checks while you move inmates. Incidents and grievances follow a workflow. A warning system manages review and appeal times. Access whatever information you need for reporting.


Your trusted users and IT staff can manage ATIMS for you, from user access to advanced configurations. ATIMS knows that agencies want to customize jail information based on the features they need to display.

Alternative Sentencing

Manage all of your alternative sentencing programs — monitoring, work release, day reporting, and assignments. You can also manage court commitments, intake, booking, and processing away from the main jail.


Classification enables you to classify, reclassify, and perform research intelligence and analysis on inmate records. Determine the security level of inmates to make informed decisions.

Jail Management System

Wizards take staff step by step through intake, booking, sentencing, and release. Use your forms and easily update them as your processes change. Use biometrics to streamline your workflow and ensure correct identification.


ATIMS gives you the most extensive customization tools in the industry for your system, your departments, and your users. Your administration and IT departments can customize everything from workflows and fields to separate operations by facility. No waiting for a vendor to make a change, and no growth pains when you need to expand.

Programs Management

Manage the classes and programs offered to inmates. You can administer classes and schedules by facility, maintain instructors, and oversee assignments. You can maintain libraries and media, monitor inmate movements, view attendance, and manage requests for programs and classes.

Digital Photo Imaging and Lineup

DPIL enables jail staff and investigators to search and retrieve images of offenders, and to assemble photo lineups of six to eight people. The camera takes NIST-compliant photographs to save or export to other systems.

Records Information Management

Manage registrant offenders (sex, narcotics, gang, arson, etc.) and review inmate records. Manage visitation, appointments, and court commitments. Move, merge, purge, and seal records.

Medical Records

Our medical software conforms to HIPAA requirements while enabling jail staff to manage appointments, prescriptions and prescription numbers, order dates, drug names, and physicians among other information.


Our accounting software can manage multiple fees.

ATIMS features ensure clean, accurate data for reports

The master name list resists duplicate records so that your agency maintains the cleanest possible data for statistical reporting. One way to enter the master name list ensures that your data stays accurate.

Autofill fields keep data consistent and accurate across the system, whether you are in a wizard or an inmate record. Changes to inmate data are immediately available throughout ATIMS.

Conflict checks and alerts work everywhere

To ensure safety, alerts for violence, medical, and food allergies consistently display in inmate information. Staff always knows who they are dealing with. Conflict checks run for all movements, and alerts notify officers.

Add interfaces to communicate with other software

You want seamless integration with vendor software? You got it! Boris Shukman, our Director of Product Development, explains that the ATIMS “interface engine” runs independently and that agencies can manage their communications with vendor systems through the ATIMS engine.


Shukman says, “We are continuously enhancing the engine to make every unique architectural approach available as a standard feature. With proper training, our clients can create their own interfaces, without code change or cost, through a configuration in the Administration module.”

Use kiosks in pods, in the lobby, and for managing inmate money

ATIMS kiosk software enables inmates to communicate with staff members and/or departments on requests for medical, commissary, programs, and a custom vendor menu among other options. Inmates can use the kiosk to read the status of requests.

Mobility increases productivity

Housing officers are more efficient with the ATIMS tablet- and smartphone-based solution that can run on any Internet provider. Track inmates, perform headcounts, review inmate files and rosters with photos, manage housing, and communicate with inmates in messages.

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