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Our Clients and Successes

”In 2013 the Yamhill County Sheriff’s office selected ATIMS as our new JMS after a careful vetting process. For us ATIMS was the best option for a true JAIL Management System (JMS) above the others. The implementation team of Mike and Flo worked diligently with our staff during the cutover phase and continue to do so today.

Excellent customer service can be a rarity in today’s business world. ATIMS provides that excellent service by being receptive, open, and responsive whenever needed.

The system has numerous features that can be suited for any size facility. After a year there is no buyer’s remorse and we are highly satisfied that we chose ATIMS as our JMS provider.“

Mike Saunders

Administrative Sergeant Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office

...The San Mateo County Sheriff's Office is rather unique in that several law enforcement agencies in the County require access to our JMS; over 15 Police Department's and multiple allied agencies. Providing access to ATIMS JMS to our law enforcement partners was a critical part of our JMS success criteria.

"...ATIMS JMS provides us with a work-flow based system designed specifically for inmate management. This was not the case with our legacy system. The "wizard step" system ATIMS utilizes is intuitive and shortens the learning curve for our new users. That said, training was a critical element of our JMS initiative. ATIMS provided both on-site training and e-copy training materials. Both were very well received and we continue to use the e-copy manuals today. Among the many benefits of ATIMS JMS is our ability to run custom reports. Like most law enforcement agencies, we are information driven so having a good reporting tool is critical to our day-to-day operations as well as our strategic planning..."

...Because ATIMS JMS is predominantly configurable, making changes to our system is an easy task and does not require custom coding."

"... ATIMS support delivers. We are very pleased with both the responsiveness and knowledge ATIMS support provides. ATIMS support has taken the time to learn about us and our use of ATIMS JMS resulting in meaningful changes and enhancements. ...We look forward to working with ATIMS long into the future."

Mark Robins

Captain, Corrections San Mateo County Sheriff's Office

The County Jail switched our Jail Management System (JMS) to ATIMS (formerly DSSI) on 10/17/05. The new system was a vast improvement on our old one. We experienced a few problems during the first few weeks but everything smoothed out quickly. The system was user friendly. Our Jail Booking Clerks caught on fast and the rest of the jail staff soon after.

The Staff from ATIMS worked closely with us and assisted us in many ways to assure a smooth transition. Boris and his staff are always available by phone and whenever we need to make changes.

We currently continue to enjoy our JMS and have always been very well satisfied with its operation.

J.P. Jones,

Sergeant Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office

The Park county Sheriff’s Office has been using ATIMS from DSSI as both our Records Management System and Jail Management System since approximately 2004.

ATIMS had proven to be so user-friendly and DSSI so easy to work with that both sides of the Sheriff’s Office argued strenuously with the Sheriff to keep the system that we worked so well with. We were apparently persuasive enough because the Park County Sheriff’s Office retained ATIMS as our system of choice.

The new hire deputies are able to pick up on the record-keeping, tracking and documentation parts very quickly and the booking and intake parts do not present any special challenges to entry-level employees either.

I am not in the habit of writing testimonials. If a product performs as it is supposed to, then it operates as designed and that’s it. ATIMS has proven a different type of resource.I recommend it unquestionably.

Captain Muldoon,

Park County Sheriff’s Office, Colorado

The Santa Ana Police Department is very pleased with the newly installed ATIMS – Jail Management System. This web based system is allowing us to more effectively utilize IT resources in the department.

The department is very pleased with the installation and the partnership that was developed between ourselves and ATIMS. We found their willingness to ensure the system met and exceeded our expectations refreshing in our world of IT projects.

Ken Gominsky, Commander,

Field Operations, Santa Ana Police Department, California

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