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Our Partners


Fulcrum Biometrics was founded in late 2002 by a group of entrepreneurs led by the company's current President and CEO, Mr. Ken Nosker. Prior to founding Fulcrum, Mr. Nosker was one of the biometric payment pioneers at Indivos Corporation ( where he led the development, deployment, and management of Pay-by-Touch (SM), the world's first fully biometric-based payment system.


TouchPay provides automated inmate deposit solutions that are fast, convenient, and secure.


CommSys has over 20 years experience in providing solutions and services for public safety software vendors in service and technology supply for state, regional and national CJIS interfaces.


We are system integrators and have been providing rapid applications and technical services for customers for over 34 years. We provide consulting, system design, strategic planning, requirements development, and custom applications with Web Services, middleware, and data sharing and integration.

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