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The ATIMS Difference

We believe that no two facilities are exactly alike -- every facility has unique needs and workflows. We believe that a software platform should be flexible enough to be individually configured to support a facility's needs and processes. You configure our software to match your staff, your surrounding agencies, your facility housing, and your classification requirements.


The ATIMS software platform gives a jail facility and IT staff flexibility and complete control of the system configuration. Complete access to data means that facility staff can write their own reports.


When jail administrators see our JMS platform, they quickly understand how the ATIMS difference saves them -- and their constituents -- thousands of dollars each year in service support charges!

  • The ATIMS business model ensures a collaborative partnership.

  • Our software is built on innovative architecture and the latest technologies.

  • We are committed to customer service and support -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

  • Our small-company feel is backed by the financial resources of a billion-dollar parent company.

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